Some of you may have heard about a program called Financial Peace University.  If you go to our church, you absolutely have heard of it!  Over 1,000 of us are going through it together.  It’s a class that promotes a way of handling money that is smart and also biblical.  One of the main tenets of this class is to use CASH more often, and not credit cards, or even debit cards.  The concept is that the more you FEEL your money, the harder it is to spend, and the easier it is to know exactly how much you have!  The class provides a very efficient cash envelope system, made of paper envelopes, for you to keep track of your budgeted cash.  It is also very ugly.
My friend Jodi, who lives here in the NW, decided that all of us committed to stick to our cash budget really deserve something better looking to take around town!  She has designed and created some AMAZING cash wallets.  I volunteered to be a temporary spokeswoman, partly because I know so many people taking the course right now, but also because ALL THE PROCEEDS FROM THESE WALLETS GO TOWARDS JODI’S ADOPTION!  Jodi and her husband Joel have an amazing testimony, which includes a kidney transplant, deep loss and pain, but also hope.  I’m so excited to see how and when God is going to unfold their family story through domestic adoption.  I had her send me a handful of wallets (she lives a few hours away) to see if I could sell some to my local peeps. 
Now, let me tell you about these cool wallets!  First, they are each made from gorgeous laminated cotton fabrics–just wipe them clean.
There are pockets all over these things for different budgeted items.
Each one has two zippered pockets.  (On this sample, the zippered pockets are the red and white polka dots.)  On the left side, you’ll see four debit sized slots.

Each comes with four envelopes, and you can custom order up to 6.

 I’m not sure it will show up on this picture, but if you zoom in, there is a special, tiny clear pocket for you to put in a label for what each envelope is for.  YOU choose the categories.

The price for these wallets is $35.  If you could see them in person, and see the incredible attention to detail, you would see why they are worth $35.  If you live near me and are interested, let me know and I’ll find a way to get them to you. 
These are the styles I have on hand.  Click on the picture to enlarge. 
 Let me know ASAP if you are interested!