I’ve decided to take a fast from F@cebook. I’ve noticed that I have an urge to check it multiple times a day.  When I’m tired, don’t feel like tackling the to-do list, feeling a bit isolated from adult conversation or frustrated with unruly children, sitting down for a quick FB check and laugh and/or write my own funny little comment is a lovely diversion.  I don’t think I need to (or want to) quit it permanently, but I thought it would be good to step away for a bit.  Also, the things I write on that site are short and superficial, usually.  It’s good for my mental health to process things more deeply, like I can here.  I’ve wanted to get back into blogging a little more, so this might be a good motivation.
One thing I’ve been wanting to blog about is our little fish!  Sydney has been taking swimming lessons during the day for the last 6 weeks, and she’s doing great!  She’s very confident and making great progress. And even moreso…she LOVES it.  Gets her suit on 2 hours ahead of time, smiles and waves at me throughout the lesson, skips all the way to the locker room afterwards.  I mean, she’s in the preschool level, so we’re not doing laps or anything, but I swear I can see her small successes manifesting through self-confidence in other areas of her life.  (It could just be maturity, but I think the lessons help.)  We lucked out and there were only 3 kids in this class!
Is it just me, or does her teacher look like Aunt Becky?!
This is how we keep little bro busy.  I gotta say…keeping a toddler entertained in a loud aquatic center is SO MUCH easier than in a very strict karate observation area.  This is so much less stressful.
These are called her “alligator hands.”

I love that she has no fear of the water or putting her face right in!  I was the opposite as a kid, so I’m glad she’s not taking after me.

Go, Sydney, go!

We are so proud of this happy little swimmer!  Love that it makes her happy and feel good about herself and her skills.  In fact, we have one week off, then we’re starting up again next week!