I don’t know if there are any blog readers who did not see these pictures on f@cebook, but I wanted to post them here just in case, because they are super fun.  I honestly don’t love halloween, but we do enjoy dressing up.  It’s just fun, darn it. 
In the morning, Sydney’s school had a party, but to keep things safe and appropriate, they kids could only come dressed as farmers, cowboys or animals.  Sydney chose to be a cowgirl and put this outfit together herself!  That vest was Trent’s when he was a little boy!

Carson’s school also has a no-costume policy, but they have a “Crazy hair or hat” day.  Carson chose red hair spray and he was quite excited about it.  I love when $4 can make my son’s day.
Then later in the day we got the real costumes on.  This was the happiest our little Thai Yoda was in his costume.  The neck strap on those green ears were not his favorite, but he looked pretty adorable running after the other kids from house to house in his white bathrobe!

Pretty stinkin cute, no?

This costume moment was months in the making.  For her birthday in June, a few aunties/friends went in on this very nice Merida costume, from the movie BRAVE.  Of course ever since the previews last year, we have talked about how much Sydney looks like Princess Merida.  I loved that we had a perfect costume all ready to go!  Aunt Tara graciously added the bow and arrow, or “shooty thing” as Sydney calls it.

The curls are 85% natural and we added a few to the top.

Beautiful, no?

We’ve also been waiting for the full costume effect to post a picture of this AWESOME movie poster that is in Sydney’s room.  Our Auntie Carol somehow got this treasure from her local movie theater, and Sydny LOVES it.  She protects it passionately from the curious hands of her little brother.

Carson also loved his costume, another Star Wars character.  I believe it is Jengo Fett, but I understand there are a couple Fetts and I can never keep them straight. 

This pose cracks me up.  Very manly.

Thank you for enduring our slide show of halloween 2012.  See you next year for more Star Wars and Princess themed holidays.