We are very rarely home for the 4th of July, b/c we have an annual camping trip, but this year the actual holiday fell in the middle of the week, and the camping trip wasn’t until the weekend.  I have lots of fun pictures of camping to come (maybe even later today, as my MIL and SIL have the big kids at the Z double O), but some great shots from the 4th itself.  As you can tell, since we don’t do this often, I didn’t even think to dress people in patriotic colors.  Any red, white or blue is a coincidence.  We went south to a wonderful, candy-throwing parade in Trent’s grandmother’s hometown, and then had a delightful picnic with GG (great-grandmother) and Charlie.  It was such a gorgeous day and we had a great time!
When candy is being thrown, Carson does not mess around.  Don’t let his casual stance fool you.  This is pre-pounce.  He was lightning quick.
 Asher was TERRIFIED of the first loud vehicle to pass (it was actually some strange steam engine thingy), and I had to walk far away with him while he shook and cried.  It was SO. SAD!  But it was a good sign that he was clinging to me and looking in my face while he was scared.  We slowly made our way back, and he sat in Daddy’s lap for most of the parade, not as scared of the other noises.
 Unfortunately, Sydney was quite sick that day.  I asked if she wanted to stay home, but she wanted to come.  When we first got to the parade, we threw a bunch of blankets on the ground as we got set up.  She laid down on those blankets on the concrete and didn’t get up for almost an hour!  I finally coaxed her to sit in her fancy new camping chair she got for her birthday.  But as you can see…
 …she still wasn’t feeling well.  Papa Phil kept her company.
 Until she fell asleep sitting up!
 GG and Charlie have a beautiful backyard where we had an awesome picnic lunch with BBQ chicken and lots of fresh fruit.
 We found a way for sicky to be near us.  🙂
 I love this shot of Carson!  He was so tickled to get a ride in the tractor with Charlie and also tickled to eat so many blueberries and raspberries.
 This little guy loves being outside–and eating, of course.
 They happen to have a vintage tricycle around for visits such as this.
 Warm day, cool shade…if you can’t be home in your own bed, this is a pretty decent way to rest when you’re not feeling well.
 GG and Carson!
 Daddy getting his workout.
 I wish you could see Asher’s face in this one.  Priceless!