And just like that, our sweet baby girl has become a middle child!   Sydney seems to be handling the transition pretty well (if we had a new SISTER, I think it would be a different story!).  But, today the fuss is all about this chica, because it is her birthday and she is FOUR!  I can’t believe THIS happened four years ago today.  It was a hot, HOT June day, and Sydney entered this life with ease and hardly put up a fuss for a good 18 months.  🙂  Then she made up for lost time.  But she is still our girl with a very gentle, sweet disposition–but she can wrestle and tackle with the best of them.

Although her big brother rolls his eyes at all the attention she gets over it, we think her red hair is pretty darn special.  
 Sydney still loves to suck on three fingers on her left hand and snuggle with her Minky, but she is determined to be a big girl and not a baby.  I’m not in a rush.  😉  When I lay in her bed at night, she puts her face right up to mine and wraps her arm around my neck.  She’s definitely a mama’s girl.  One time Daddy said “How come you always want Mommy and not me?” and she said matter-of-factly:  “Because I yuv Mommy more.”
 She often makes her decisions based on her big bro.  What do you want for lunch?  What color popsicle do you want?  “I want what Carson’s having.”  They fight like the dickens, but she idolizes him.  If only he knew he could work that to his favor!
 She has become VERY opinionated about what she wears, and would wear a pretty dress every day if we let her.  This one (below) was a fancy dress she finally got to wear to a good friends wedding.  She was talking about it all day.  “When are we going to Michael and Kristen’s party so I can wear my fancy dress?!?”
 She’ll hate me someday for writing this, but in our house, Syd is also known for having some of the loudest toots.  🙂  It’s not very lady-like, but even I admit it’s pretty funny.
 Syd is very tall for her age…according to the growth cart at grandma’s house, she’s grown almost 4 inches in the last year!  Sheesh!
 We’re having a small family party for her on Saturday, but today she did get a big gift from mommy and daddy.  A big girl bike!  She’s been out there riding longer than she ever has before and she’s rocking it!  I’m feeling relieved we were able to find a feminine bike that did not have Disney Princesses all over it.  I’m so proud of my big girl, and looking forward to seeing her growth and maturity in the next year.  Syd Paige, you are such a delight!  We love you to pieces and you make all of our lives better by being in it!