Wow.  I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed these last few weeks…in many good ways and some not so good ways.  But one of my biggest blessings has been the hijacking of my blog to shower love on our family and our new son!  Thank you so much to my dear friend, Rory, who organized and implemented the most unique and creative e-event.  I’d never even heard of a blog baby shower, and now I’ve been the recipient of one!  I’m pretty sure she ponied up some major cash to cover those giveaways, because each of them helps another adoptive family, and that is SO Rory’s thang, if you know what I mean.  Long before she and her husband decided to adopt (they are in process from Ethiopia) they were front and center of the support team for any adoption.  This couple has a heart, I mean a HUGE heart, for the orphans of this world, and they are walking the walk, people.  Thank you all for not batting an eye and jumping right on board to SHOWER us with love.  I can’t wait to read the messages that were sent!

Speaking of messages, I’m continuing to be surprised, amazed, blessed, sustained and uplifted by my daily encourager!  That crazy Candace…I had no idea how far she intended this little love experiment to go.    With each new level or circle of friends that I hear from (old school family friends, cousins, in-laws, long-lost college friends…not to mention close friends and family) my cup just overflows!  Some people have gone above and beyond on their “Asher Day” as one friend called it.  They buy a gift for me, for the big kids, for Asher.  We have received things handmade, prayers and Scripture written out, things from our Amazon Asher wish list, and a piece of jewelry that has all THREE of my kids names on it!  But honestly, the wonderful gifts are just the icing on the cake to the DEEP and geniune support and prayers.  Those mean the most to me, b/c this little season is kicking my butt a bit.  But I’ll save that for the next post…

One thing that happened last week, but I didn’t want to interrupt the Blog Shower, was that we received another update on Asher!  I just cannot explain to you how it feels to see his face.  A new picture of him that we have not seen before. It’s like a physical movement in my heart occurs!  I stare at the pictures and read the details (not that there are many) over and over and over.  I analyze little bumps on his face or guess what size his shoes are and wonder about the floor he’s walking on and whether or not he’s had a haircut.  It’s especially meaningful now that we’ve seen pictures of him wearing clothes and holding items we’ve sent.  So they really do get there eventually!  If you’d like to see some of the pictures, check out our password protected blog HERE.  As usual, the password is my maiden name, all lower case.  Leave me a comment with your email if you’d like the password.

This is the first written update we’ve received since September.   The report says he still takes 6 bottles a day, but is also eating lots of food now.    He takes 2 naps a day, and sleeps at night from 7pm to 5am (!!!!!).  It says he is “active and naughty, climbing up on stairs, chairs and table.”  The report goes on to say that he feels comfortable with all the members of the family and the neighbors, but still does not want to have anything to do with unfamiliar people.  When he is hungry, he says “eat chicken.”  🙂  The foster mother reports that he is easy to care for and usually cheerful, prefering to play with the foster mother’s neice and nephew.  (Good news for Carson and Syd!)  The social worker says that the foster mother is preparing him for his adoptive placement by showing him pictures of his future family each night before bed.   I can’t wait to meet this woman and attempt to begin to thank her for what she has done.  Is it even possible to convey?

We’ve also been steadily progressing through the ongoing redtape needed between first approval and travel.  I was very frustrated that we had a much larger window of time before travel, but I suppose it does ensure that everything gets where it needs to go and our dates won’t change.  We got our i800 approval, which is from the USCIS, and they will forward that approval on to the embassy in Bangkok, where Asher’s visa will be given when we are there.  We also BOUGHT OUR TICKETS!  This felt like a big deal to me.  It still seems very far off and unreal, but we leave the US on Wednesday, May 30, and return with our son on Tuesday, June 12.    We’re flying Korean Airlines, which has a great reputation for customer service, especially for adoptive families.  The interesting part of the return flight is that we leave Bangkok at 1 in the morning, then spend 10 hours during the next day on the ground in Seoul, then fly through the night again to the US.  I am working on a detailed prayer list, and I can guarantee you that “Asher sleeping on the flights home” will be near the top of that list.  🙂

So, those are some things to celebrate and be happy about!  Hopefully later this week I’ll share some of the less shiny and glittery emotions and situations I’ve been experiencing as we get ready for this transition.  But for now, let’s end on a good note!  45 days until we get to meet our son!