I am so thrilled you decided to join our little blog shower.
If you’re just joining us and wondering where in the world Jen is this should explain it.

Now where was I?
Oh yes, back to welcoming you to our party.
Don’t be shy.
Come on in!
I bet you’ve been wondering what exactly is a blog shower.
Well, I’ll tell you.
No, better yet, I’ll show you.

Remember when I said that a bunch of Jen’s local peeps were throwing her a shower?  Amy, Kristen, and Becky are working away at hosting a shower for all of her local friends and family to attend…but…well, we realized that so many of you wouldn’t be able to attend her actual shower because of distance or schedule (or the fact that you only know her via the web and showing up at her shower would be a wee bit stalker-esque–though I may not put it past some of you:).  We KNOW you want to be there to hug this girl, ooh and aah over the photos of little man, watch her open gifts, and grab hands with the rest of us when we pray for their family.  We know you’ve walked this journey with Jen and her family, that you’ve supported them in prayer, you’ve helped them fundraise, and that you want nothing more than to see this little boy come home to his forever family.  

So, my dear friends, this blog shower is for you!

And because this is a virtual shower we’ve spared no expense.
You’re gonna have to play along and use your imagination a little, but I know you’re up for it.

Step into the garden with us…

Beautiful, no?
You can find your seat where your hand embossed name tag sits.
Jen will be around soon to mingle with all of you.
In the meantime won’t you help yourself to some h’ordeuvres?
Amidst the sounds of laughter and a light breeze floating through the tent Jen will pass around Asher’s photos and answer all your questions about their upcoming trip to bring him home.
You’ll grin from ear to ear and find yourself fighting back a lump in your throat when you think about how loved this little boy is and he’s not even here yet.

You spot ’em, only they’re displayed more like this:
You’ve saved just enough room for one.
Okay, maybe two.
No one’s counting weight watcher points today, am I right?
Point-free zone baby!:)
As you take that first bite of sugary goodness you hear a voice above the chatter of the ladies around you.
Time to take your seats.
It’s present time.
Go on, scoot your chair in a little closer.
You know everybody by now so feel free to get cozy.
You look over at the gift table and see thoughtful displays of love and generosity wrapped up in blue and white.
Your gift is coming up next and you can’t wait for her to open it.
Wanna know what you got her?
Do ya?

I can’t WAIT to tell you!!

Only I’m gonna need a little help from you first.
You won’t regret it.
I promise I’m gonna make it fun.

Now that the scene is set, you’re gonna need a few details before the showering commences.:)

There are two types of gifts you’re giving at this blog shower which will be presented in REAL life.

One is a gift of words and the other of funds.

And… what shower would be complete without some gifts FOR the guests?!?!
Yes that’s YOU!

While the shower may have been virtual up to this point I assure you the rest will be very real.  I’ll explain in more detail the gifts for Jen and Asher in the next post AND I’ll show you what several of you are gonna take home (fo’ realz)–and you don’t even have to play a single shower game!:)

Remember how I said Asher’s name means “happy and blessed”?  
We want him to know this from the very start!
We not only believe our loving and giving will demonstrate that in his life but that his very presence in our midst will also cause US to feel happy and blessed.  Let’s bring this sweetheart home, shall we?
Oooh I get goosebumps just thinking about it!

To sum up…
you’re gonna get one more chance to give in HONOR of Asher
you’re gonna get several opportunities to receive BECAUSE of Asher.

Win Win.
See you in the next post!