Today was Carson’s first day of kindergarten.  To be honest, the last few days have been a blur, including the Warrior Dash (blog post coming) an important event last night at church, so I was a little off my game this morning.  I had some expectations of how the morning would go, and didn’t communicate or prepare adquately.  😉  I forgot that we had planned a “no TV” rule until you are all dressed, bed made, breakfast eaten and Bible story read.  So when I heard Trent and Carson digging around for clothes (without my supervision!) around 6:50, I got up and was immediately Mean Mommy, b/c I just really didn’t want him wearing an over-sized, glow-in-the-dark Despicable Me shirt on the first day.  It is actually a cute shirt that I approved of when purchased, but just a little too casual for The First Day Of Kindergarten.  Trent, probably against his will, backed me up when Carson fought it and got him to put on a Collared Shirt (this is our rule of thumb, dividing all boys shirts into “play clothes” and “nicer” clothes).  Carson’s school doesn’t start until 9:15, so I thought we’d have 2 whole hours to ease into the clothes I had in mind.  I also wanted to put on some shorts that matched the shirt, but I let it go.
Carson got over the clothing decision thing and was really excited.  But those 2 hours I was telling you about?  They lasted a really long time.  Long enough for his mood swings to give me whip lash.  I’m sure it was just his nerves, which I totally understand, b/c I was nervous too!  About 10 minutes before we were going to leave, he said he wanted to take the bus this morning.  I told him it was too late, the bus had already come and it was a special morning for me to take him and meet his teacher.  Cue: 10 non-stop-minutes of begging to take the bus.  Which had already come and gone.  And pouting.  And refusing to pose for First Day Pictures.
To be honest, I was cracking up as I took these pictures, thinking how we will keep these for all time and look back and giggle.  Yes, he’s holding a CD that he chose from the house to listen to in the car.  I asked him to stand by the front door, so we could take a picture like Sydney’s First Day picture. He said no.  OK.

 There’s a chink in this armor…I was trying to make him laugh.
 Grumpy attitude melted when we parked in front of the school and started walking.  He specifically requested we park ACROSS the street so we could use the crosswalk with the crossing guard.  We got to the front of the school before the doors were open, and there were a lot of kids waiting (and some other nervous Kinder parents.)  He had a stoic face, but did reach up and hold my hand.  I may have gotten choked up just a bit at that moment.
 Here he is in his seat!  Because of buget cuts, our school has a K/1 blend.  I’m choosing to have a good attitude about this.  It really, really helps that our wonderful friend and neighbor, Mrs. S, is the aide in this room!  I can’t tell you how much peace of mind that gave this mama.  🙂 
 This other little boy is a 1st grader, so he started last week.  I helped them introduce themselves to each other and he said excitedly: “Why don’t you take a picture of me and Carson?!?!”  Well, OK!  I will!

 It was a little chaotic in the room, but Carson found his way over to some kids who were hopping around the pond rug.
 OK!  Here we go!  All the unexpected hurdles of the morning were erased from my mind as I kissed my baby and walked out of the room.  Deep breath.  It begins!