Last fall, my friends Stephanie and Jenna told me, Becky and Sarah about a crazy, fun race they heard about called the Warrior Dash. It is technically a 5K “race” but this is no ordinary 5K. It is a crazy, muddy obstacle course. Where many participants wear wild and obnoxious wigs, hats or costumes. Steph and Jenna had been talked into doing it, and successfully convinced the three of us to agree that WE would do it! We looked at the website and discussed how insane it was, but completely caved to the pressure of doing it together. Plus, we heard that many people don’t really RUN the race, but do it for the fun of the obstacles and kind of end up walking in between. Not that I think it will be easy–in fact, the idea that it was something lurking on the calendar to motivate me to train was part of the appeal. But it really seems like a “just surrender your dignity and embrace your inner child” kind of experience.
After attempting to sign up a few times and having technical difficulties with the website, I FINALLY remembered to sign up this week. Before I did, I looked at hundreds of pictures on the FB fan page, read all the health warnings, restrictions, etc. I rolled my eyes at my own ridiculousness and went for it. That night I told Trent that I had registered. He gave a mellow “Oh. Cool.” Which, to be honest, was a little disappointing, because if I’m not going to get some major credit for at least committing to something as wild and UN-JEN as this, what IS going to impress this guy?!

Well. Seems Mr. Trent did not fully understand what the Warrior Dash is. He thought it was like a 5K on a trail. The next day at work, he mentioned to his co-workers that I was doing it, and they were surprised. One colleague, in particular, starting regaling Trent of the wild and challenging obstacles, like running through a pond and jumping over floating logs, crawling through mud with barbed wire overhead, jumping over flaming logs. (All of which I’d heard and also heard it’s not as bad as it sounds.) I was in total understanding that I will be covered head-to-toe in mud, but Trent was IN SHOCK that I would willingly submit myself to such undignified (and hard!) activities. He surely sat at the lunch table with sandwich in his hand, uneaten. Jaw-dropped and eyes all buggy, saying “There’s NO WAY Jen knows about this!” He called me up immediately, extremely concerned that I had been unknowingly coerced into this ritual and my ignorance was going to cause me great stress.

THAT made me laugh. Cause I did! And I signed up anyway! Yeah me! Yeah Stephanie and Jenna!

Because NOPE. This is not my usual type of leisure activity. I would rather curl up and watch a movie. Even when it’s sunny, I’m all up for a walk or bike ride, but then I’d like to curl up and read a book in the shade. I like all types of curling up. Not as comfortable with the sliding down a mud hill and climbing up a rope ladder to scale a wall. But that is what makes it such an INTRIGUING challenge! And something to get me un-curled for once. Plus, now I’ve talked TWO MORE friends into doing it with me.

And guess who will be following along the whole way with a camera and taking lots of pictures to show proof to his coworkers that his wife jumped over burning logs? Trento. Which, in truth, is completely uncharacteristic of him.