Hey there blog readers! Just a reminder that March 1st (tomorrow) is our goal date for our fundraising push. Thanks to everyone for being patient while we awkardly ask for money. I’m sure many people at least raised eyebrows at the concept, but overall the response was positive to such an unusual request. As I’ve said before–knowing that this type of brazen (ha) fundraising would have to be a part of our adoption process was one of the mental obstacles we struggled with before we decided to go for it. But we decided the akwardness and embarassment was worth it. I still feel that way. Thanks so all who gave great thought and consideration into your ability to give and your willingness to do so. For a refresher on how to give a tax-deductable donation, see the previous post (I posted it separately so I can create a link on the side bar). To read our fundraising letter, click HERE.
Soon, I’ll post an update on how God has blessed us through YOU. 🙂