We have finished day 2 at D-land. I have a TON of pictures, but the internet connection at this amazing little timeshare is slow like molasses in wintertime. (?? That was the first simile that came to mind.) I’ve been trying for 50 minutes to upload about 10 of the 100 pictures I took of the 2o minutes surrounding THIS EVENT: I KNOW! That’s my son fighting Darth Vadar. I’ll save the whole story, but it was a highlight.
This was the first ride we went on–it’s the old submarine ride, which is now Finding Nemo. I think you can feel Syd’s nerves in this close up. Ironically, ALL of her nerves have been transferred to Carson, whom we have had to remove from 3 lines so far, kicking and screaming in fear. I don’t want to point fingers, but I’m pretty sure it stems from one of his parents taking him on Space Mountain at the objection of the other parent, and now my sweet baby is afraid of the dark and anything that moves quickly or makes a loud noise. I’ll let you decipher my wicked complicated code.

Since the computer won’t let me upload all my pics, I’ll leave you with this one. This is the T fam on Main Street, 1o minutes before the park opened on Day One. I have a feeling we will not be this chipper looking on Day Five, but by golly, we’re living it up in Dland!