I did not intend for that fundraising post to stay up that long. Sorry if that seemed like some passive-aggressive blogging. 😉 This has been…just…a week, ifyaknowhwhatimean. The calendar showed that LAST week was the busy one–I worked three days and had several trips to Portland I had to make, some playdates, appointments, helping at our old church on Sunday am. But then last Sunday, Carson voluntarily…took a NAP. If you know Carson, this is extremely rare and a sure sign of something being amiss. I cringed, b/c this week was also supposed to be pretty busy, with me working 2 days.

I’ll save you the play by play (actually, I started typing it out, but the ins and outs of the health drama were just too depressing), but the kids have been off and on sick with fevers and strange symptoms since then. (I’m feeling especially sheepish, b/c on Thursday morning I thought all was well and took them out and about and played with other kids! Ugh. I’m THAT mom, spreading germs.) I talked to the on-call nurse 5 times this week. We took 2 trips to the pediatrician and have 2 sets of antibiotics for Syd’s ragin‘ ear infection and Carson’s strep. We have not had a good night sleep since Sunday. I really, really miss sleep. During the day everything seems OK, then at night these 2 little monsters disguised as my children plot against us to cry, whine, pee, vomit, moan, walk, talk….ANYTHING but sleep. I, clearly, am harbouring some ill will. I need to work on that whole maternal compassion thing.

But today I really think we’re turning a corner. (FYI, I’ve said this every day since Wednesday.) Antibiotics have been going for a couple days now, I got a pedicure (yeah!), Carson and Trent get to go to a Blazer game, and I can go to sleep as early as I want and no other adults will know about it to make fun of me. Here’s hopin for a fresh start, a GOOD night, and, call me crazy, no more copays to make this week.