letter S letter I cross (wrong)
Whew! I’m exhausted from waiting to find this out, but today we heard that FIVE Thai children from Holt were matched with FIVE waiting families, which means we’ve moved up from #11 to #6 on THE LIST! This is wonderful news! Each day since about the 10th I’ve casually looked through my inbox for an email with the update. Today we finally got it! We were hoping for a big number (and since the average is 3-6 children matched per quarter, 5 is on the higher end!) and have been stewing over “WhatItAllMeans” for the last several weeks.
Here’s our very amateur assessment and why we’re excited:
First, and for us, the best news is the very high probability that we will get matched by June. September would just be agonizing. Being open to either gender and #6 on the list has every indication that we’ll receive our child’s name and picture by June.
Second, there’s now a possibility of a March referral. Not probable, but possible. In fact, our contact at Holt checked in to see that our immigration paperwork was in, because she said we need to be ready in March, just in case. To be honest, this is dangerous to even think about, because then I’ll be a total mess the last half of that month! See, if anyone in front of us on the list (#1-5) has specifically requested a girl, and there are several boys in the March referrals, then they may skip over them and match with us!
Third, if we are NOT matched in March (highly likely) then our odds for a boy or girl even up a little, which is also fun to think about.
But in truth, it’s ALL fun to think about. This process is so agonizingly slow at points that any news at all, especially something significant like today, brings me back to my excitement. It strengthens my resolve to be praying for our child, his birth mother, his foster family, his health, his security and his entrance into our family. It gets us fired up all over again to be reading, learning, researching, fundraising and preparing.
Godspeed my sweet baby!
PS: If you are reading on December 31st and wish to squeeze in one last donation for tax purposes in 2010, check out THIS POST with directions to giving online for our adoption through Lifesong. It IS tax-deductable and easy. 🙂