So, I’m working on my goal to be content with my point-and-shoot camera and take Ashley’s advice and switch up my angles. I went for it and got way down low. So low that I was laying on the ground. Here’s the point of view from mommy on the ground on a gorgeous fall afternoon.

Ok, I’m actually glad I decided to let him wear that today. I started to protest this morning, but now it’s kinda growing on me.
I’m so glad we have a backyard that is fenced. I wish Carson was this entertained with a stick all the time.
Cute boy. When he looks down at me like this he looks rounder, like when he was a toddler.

I really like that sweater I got for her at the consignment sale last year. I wonder how many pictures I have of her up against this fence? It’s a good backdrop.

Ahhhh! Tackle!

This is actually kind of a cool tree. Too bad we don’t hang out over on this side of the yard more. Maybe I can build a little tree-seat or something between those three trunks. I wonder if our new little brother will play in this tree much? I wonder if I should get up now that the kids have run away and I’m laying flat on my back in the wet grass? Nah. I’ll try to be artistic. See? A branch.

Oh, they’re coming back.

It’s not so bad down here.