Carson: Mom, there’s this boy in my class [at church] and every time he says to me “Wanna be my friend?” Isn’t that funny?!

Me: Well, he must just really want to be your friend! I hope you are kind to him. What do you say to him?

Carson: I say [exasperated with both palms up] “We’ve ALREADY TALKED about this!”

Me: Well maybe he feels that you are not really his friend yet. What’s his name?

Carson: I don’t know.

Me: Next time, find out his name, then you can make sure he knows you ARE his friend, and say, “Bobby, I AM your friend!”

Carson: [completely distracted into a fit of giggles] BOBBY!?!?! Nobody is named “BOBBY”!!! That’s such a funny name!!!! Hahahahahahaha!

Aaaaaand, teachable moment gone.