We’re having another rough day here in the T household. I’m going to try to take my own advice, think about the big picture, take a deep breath and focus on something funny. I’m using my precious 30 minutes of quiet time for this. Nothing about today is funny yet, so I’ll need to pull from other situations. Last night when I was falling asleep I felt something in my cheets. It was a Mike Wazowski figurine–you know, from Monsters, Inc? It made me chuckle. It made me think of all the random places I’ve found things placed by my kids. I thought I’d make a list of all I could think of.

I have found:
-Mike Wazowski in my sheets
-grapes in the oven
-play-doh in my coffee
-my camera in my shoe in the closet
-Mr. Potatohead’s ear in Syd’s diaper (that she was wearing)
-keys in the garbage and also by the back fence
-crayon in the garbage disposal
-plastic corn on the cob in the dishwasher
-Minkee in the recycling bin
-shoes in the bathtub
-my jewelry and various toys in the toilet
-sippy cup in Carson’s dresser drawer
-wooden spoons under the bed
-goldfish and cheerios every where i ever step throughout the whole livelong day
-dinosaurs under my pillow
-lens cap under the slide
-Wii driving wheel (for Mariocart) in Sydney’s crib

That’s all I can think of right now. What crazy placements can you add to this list? Please. I need the distraction.