Fun fundraiser!

OK, friends and family, we’re trying an experiment. I saw it on the Starrchasers blog and loved the idea. I am offering an online raffle as a fundraiser for our Thailand Adoption. We are continually bombarded by small/medium miscellaneous fees and need to continue being creative to keep up. So, I’m trying this out from August 1-14 to see if it might be something you are interested in. If there is a good response, we have some ideas of other prizes–everything from movie tickets to weekend getaways. 🙂 Feel free to give me any feedback or let me know if you or someone you know might have something to donate.
Below you will see the first prize package of FOUR pieces of jewelry. The total value is over $110. For a “suggested donation” of $6 you will have your name put in a hat for a chance to win, or four for $20. (So therefore, $40 = 8 chances to win.) If you advertise this post on YOUR blog, or put it on your Facebook status update, you will get another “ticket” in the hat. Make sure I know that you have done so! Send me a message or leave me a comment. On August 14th, I will have my son Carson randomly draw one of the tickets out of the hat and I will announce the winner on the blog and deliver the prize to that lucky person. And the second winner–see below.
You can donate in person, or by sending a check in the mail. Edit: p@ypal does not like to be used for this type of fundraiser (oops!), but if you live far away from me, contact me privately (email, facebook or leave a msg with your email) and I’ll contact you with an alternative to mailing a check. That button can still be used for general donations towards our adoption fund.
I have three friends who sell jewelry from different companies. Each of them has been extremely supportive of our adoption, so I thought I’d take a chance and ask if they’d consider donating to this first raffle. They all said yes! Please let me know if you would like more detailed contact information for any of them to see more product.
This first piece is one I’ve had my eye on for months. I first saw it on Jenny S. at church and loved it. It’s called Urban Bloom. When she chose it as her donation, I tried to figure out a way that it would be kosher for me to win my own raffle, but I’m thinking that it would be frowned upon. 😉 Jenny sells Cookie Lee Jewelry and I love everything I see on her. For more Cookie Lee jewelry and to contact Jenny, click HERE. The second piece is a very popular necklace from Premiere Designs. My friend Kelly started selling this line of jewelry and I’ve seen quite a few of our mutual friends showing up with this around their necks! It’s called Round and Round. For a catalog or to find out about hosting a show, contact Kelly at
As of print time, I don’t have a pic for the third piece in the prize package yet, but that’s because my wonderful friend Stephanie lives a lot further away than the other two jewelry specialists! Steph sells Silpada jewelry, which I just heard about this spring and the catalog made me drool. I’ll post a pic as soon as possible, but I know it will be amazing. You should check out their web site.
The last number I added myself. I recently found out about a great org called Light Gives Heat who has a division called SUUBI. Suubi is the name of a group of women in Uganda who make and sell recycled-paper beaded necklaces. What they can do with this product will blow your mind. Light Gives Heat helps to market and sell the product online to increase sales and therefore provide a consistent living for women who live in an otherwise non-employable area. I thought this necklace, called “Confetti” would finish off this prize package perfectly. I may or may not have worn it several times in the last 2 weeks. 🙂

BUT WAIT! There’s more! Kelly from Premiere Designs actually donated 2 necklaces, so I’m using this necklace as a second-prize. It is called Precious.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and be sure also to tell me if you are posting about the fundraiser! Thank you for being a part of this.