My in-laws took the kids after dinner for a sleepover the other night. I will never, ever take that for granted! This time, I chose to spend my 4 evening hours hunched over the computer, going through my digital pictures from the last 2 years. I did some organizing, deleting, laughing, printing (the primary objective), and got choked up a few times. Pictures are like a second religion to us Bunches. We have taken thousands in the last 5 years alone, and going through them all at once may not have been, in all seriousness, a spiritual experience, but it let to one. I was just overwhemed with gratitude for my life and my family. No, it’s not a piece of cake, we’re so far from perfect, I have days when I want to scream and run away and/or tie up my children, but the big picture is one of immense blessing.
There is no way I could pick my favorite pictures of my kids. But if I HAD to show you two OF MY favorites that made me laugh and smile, brought back incredible memories, capture their personalities and took me to a very special stage of their lives, it would be these two precious pictures: