Oh my gosh, you guys. You know that feeling when you start to get the giggles in a situation where you should NOT be giggling? Well, that happened to me tonight, and the situation was that Trent and I were attempting our first at-home haircut for Carson. We’ve had a salon do it 2x, and every other time Gma Jojo has done it. But, it has been 2 years since the horrible incident where he was terrified of the clippers, so we decided we need to try again. Get him used to it so we can give him haircuts at home, right? Right.
But it just looked so EASY when other people did it! We started with clippers meant for a beard, but that was taking too long. (Sorry, Dad.) Then Trent remembered he had some old clippers, so we got those out. But once the guard got pushed down to “zero.” Those of you who have worked with clippers know what that means. BALD SPOT!
Then we realized Trent’s clippers don’t have a very “long” setting, so it looked like he was scalping the poor boy. I mean, inches of hair were falling on the ground! I was so shocked at what it was turning out to look like that I just gasped, then started laughing–a stifled laugh, as so not to traumatize my son. Because really? He was traumatized enough by looking in the mirror! I know: it WILL grow out. 🙂 And he’s adorable either way, no?
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