I am in shock.

Good shock.

I’ve cried, stopped, then cried again. I can’t stop smiling.

Did I mention we have a $3000 payment due this summer? Did I mention that when we first started the adoption process we truly and strongly felt God telling us that HE would provide if we would just trust Him?

Oh, and by the way, our little Yard Sale that I was hoping would raise $1000?


Are you smiling now too?! I would bet that you are. 🙂 Because you are all awesome and pretty much everyone I know in the world helped with this sale in some way or another. People were praying–for a yard sale! How hilariously awesome. SO MANY PEOPLE donated items–from small picture frames to surround sound speakers and travel systems and expensive cameras. Others donated time–hours spent online doing my craigslist ads and putting up my signs to the hours spent sitting with me at the sale as the shoppers? Kept coming and coming and coming. Constant traffic for 2 straight days, watching our donated items disappearing and our cash box filling. Other friends came from near and far and bought lots of things they didn’t need and poured donations into our little jar, and one friend who has made a pledge that will bump us over the $3000 mark.

My cup runneth over? Understatement. My swimming pool is running over. And also my eyes, of course.

Now. I’m going to sleep. For a very, very, very long time.