I’m not talking about my own identity. I think I have a fairly healthy sense of self. I mean I’m having a BLOG identity crisis! The beauty of blogs is that they each have their own identity and purpose. Some are merely to post cute pictures for posterity and family/friends who don’t see the cuteness in person very often. Others are to express political views and rile up the opposition. Others are by mommies for mommies. There are blogs about cooking, gardening, science experiments, travel, video games, scrapbooking–you name it. Lately I’ve been questioning: what is my blog’s purpose and who reads it? What makes someone come back and read it again? Because as much as I always say the blog and the writing is for me (which is still foundationally true) I’m human and I love knowing people are interested in my thoughts.


I think my blog purpose is mainly to record pictures and stories about this season in my life, especially with 2 small kids who often do funny or infuriating things. But sometimes I need to throw in random posts, such as the anatomy of a perfect dish brush, cuz, you know, it’s still my blog and my prerogative to change the course at random. Lately I’ve gotten really interested in reading adoption blogs and learning about the complicated, uh, let’s say process, because I hate the word “journey.” I love reading about day-to-day realities with a newly adopted Thai toddler, and also I’m learning and growing by reading posts about God and adoption (and the 126 comments about that post!). Actually, that whole blog is full of food for adoption thought if you are interested.
And because of this newfound interest, I find myself wanting to write about adoption a lot. But I also love writing daily mommy life. And sometimes I’m just to tired or busy to post at all. So, I guess I’m trying to figure out a)what I feel like posting about more (and how much time and energy I want to invest in the blog) and b)what are people hoping to find when they click here? Feel free to answer if you’d like. But mostly I’m just venting.
For now, back to my bread and butter: The Monkey and The Bird.
I went out of town a few weeks ago, and Sydney has not let me forget it. She’s been super clingy lately. Wanting to be held all day. I try to just take advantage and sit with her and snuggle. But it gets a little dicey when it’s time to make dinner or, I don’t know, use the restroom.
But she’s at what I think is one of the most adorable looking phases of childhood: transitioning from a baby to a girl. I love dressing her and seeing her prance around the house like she owns the place. And, heck yeah, I put her to work!
Until she wants to be held again.
She’s VERY into opening and closing doors. This is a poor attempt (hello, armpit!) to catch her gorgeous smile as she was playing peek-a-boo with me using the door. It was even cuter in real life.
This is her cheesy camera smile.
Thank GOODNESS Carson and I are having a better month than last. I’ve been making a conscious effort to give him my undivided attention at least a few times a day I hope that is helping. He had a “mom’s day” at preschool on Tuesday, and he loved showing me around the classroom.

He’s such a big boy! I’m not ready for him to turn five next fall.

Man, I love that kid so much! He really is my little man. Even though he looks like he’s entering the middle school “mom stop hugging me” embarassment a little early.

WARNING: This video is kind of disturbing. Especially to cautious parents and grandparents. (You know who you are.) Sydney bonks her head at the end and it is loud, but she really was OK. I walked in the other day to Carson and Sydney wrestling, and I fought my instinct to halt the game, because Sydney actually seemed to be enjoying it. Instead I got my camera, like all 21st century mothers would do.
Maybe that’s my new blog purpose: Preschool Fight Club!