We miss our family & friends that live “up north” a ways, and we try to get together with them as often as possible. We have a group of five couples that have had 10 kids in 4.5 years! It’s so fun for all the kids to play together, but it’s also special when we get to have a one-on-one visit. Sometimes I’m itching to see my niece and nephew especially, so we went for a little visit last week to get some hugs in. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of Jack! In my defense, he moves a lot more than baby Kaitlyn.
Both my kids happen to be pretty interested in babies right now. Sydney was lovin’ on her little cuz quite a bit. Katie was a good sport, but not thrilled at all the man-handling.
I didn’t have Sydney hold Kaitlyn, but she got as close as she could. In fact, I’m pretty sure once she tried to lay ON Kate.

I love her hair!

These last 2 are my favorites! So glad Carson got some smiles out of her! Check out the dimples!

We love you guys and thanks for letting us visit!