So I was totally called out today by my friend Becky (whom, BY THE WAY, is a blogger because I persuaded her to become one) that I haven’t blogged in a week. Part of the reason I haven’t been blogging is that I went on a three day retreat with our church (where, BY THE WAY, I hung out with said friend, Becky), and it was spiritually and emotionally rejuvenating, but physically exhausting! We stayed up late like college girls, and I’ve been paying the consequences for the last few days. But it was totally worth it!
When I got back, Sydney burst into tears when she saw me, and clung to my shoulder for a long time crying. It was very bittersweet! I could tell she had missed me. Carson also had told his Daddy that “My body is kind of sad. I’m not going to cry, but my body is just sad because I miss Mommy.” Sydney also picked up a new little trick while I was gone. She’s been giving baby-kisses for a while…you know, the slobbery, open-mouth things that only immediate family members can stomach. Well, she’s learned how to pucker up–BIG TIME. If someone mentions a kiss, she walks around the room with her lips ready and waiting for an agreeable partner: Kisses for Daddy.
Kisses for Carson.
I would like to interrupt this post to tell you that Carson is standing right next to me. He said “I want you to write my name. Write that you love me. Write: ‘I love Carson and so does Daddy.'” So, consider it written. 😉
On a totally unrelated note, we had a really fun afternoon yesterday when our new friends Jane (she’s the mommy), Katelynn (she’s 2) and Eli came over. Eli is 4 months older than Carson and they go to the same preschool (different class.) They seem to be very similar in personality and so far have had a lot of fun together. Jane and I seem to be very similar in personality and so far we have also had a lot of fun together. 🙂 The feeling I get when I meet a new friend that I click with who has a kid that gets along with Carson is similar to finding an incredible deal on a the big Christmas gift you’ve been wanting to buy for months. It’s so rewarding! The boys played hard then crashed on the couch to watch a movie…which was pleasant enough for us, then we could have a conversation that wasn’t interrupted! I think you’ll hear more about Eli in the coming months. Especially if all the playdates look like this: