Oh boy. I haven’t been blogging much lately. Turns out there’s a good chance I have carpal tunnel in my right wrist. Trent blames it on too much blogging and facebook, and yet here I am again! I’m working through the pain for you, my 4 readers. Also, our house is in a constant pendelum swing of health and illness. I had a 2 week battle with a throat/cough/hoarse voice thing, but it was isolated to between the shoulders and the chin. I could handle it, and then it seemed to be over! But now we’re all trading back and forth these cold symptoms, toss in a fever here or there, a little vomit in the car on Halloween day (Carson), and then throw in a few 24 hour periods of NO symptoms, and it’s just a confusing mess. Both kids have been vaccinated for H1N1, and the doc said they could still get the flu, just a more mild version of it. I’m not sure if that’s what’s happening, or if we’re passing around another virus. One day, Carson will have a cough and fever…skip Bible study and then swimming lessons. But then, one whole day of feeling great! Back to preschool! Oh, but Sydney now has a high fever. Keep her home. Oh, and now Carson’s cough is back and so is mine, along with other cold crap. But today is I think the first day ever when I’ve felt pretty sick AND both my kids feel sick. Especially Sydney. The last 2 days her fever led her to want to snuggle and be held all day. This worked, as I was able to finally watch the 3 hour movie, Australia. Today, her fever is leading her to scream. Bloody. Murder. It’s a real delight. After 2 hours of carrying her around the house, losing my hearing, I gave up. She’s in her crib right now informing me she disapproves of my choice. I’m sticking to my guns that she’ll fall asleep.
But I wanted to get some pictures up of a more enjoyable scene: the Halloween costumes! Of course Sydney gets more airtime because she’s small and cuddly, and it was her first real costume. She was a little leopard, purchased on eBay for $3! ($9 with S&H)

We’ve kind of started a tradition of going up to Beaverton to meet up with our little gang to have dinner at Nina’s and then go to the church Harvest Party.

Oh, and don’t forget the obligatory forced photo op with hot, sweaty & grumpy kids! Here’s Jack, Syd and Carson as Spiderman. He was in heaven! Thanks to Shannan for the loaner.

“Who’s under there?”

This is the only shot I got of all the kids actually on the couch and not escaping. Hilarious! Even though Carson tossed his cookies earlier that day, both my kids seemed to be feeling fine that night, and I’m so grateful. It’s a fun chaos to be together with these precious kiddos.