We’ve managed to FEEL really busy this summer with camping trips, birthdays, bbq’s, visitors, etc. And yet, looking back, it’s been a lot of just lazy summer days–trying not to spend too much money. 🙂 Here’s some misc. pics from the last couple weeks. This is for all the great aunties and uncles who I know check the blog regularly!
Someday I will get this on video, because it is hilarious. Carson started playing the “freeze” game during meals, and Sydney thinks it is the most fun game ever. She holds her hands out like this and makes funny faces. Here she is at lunch the other day. This one is perfect! It’s exactly her silly “freeze” face!
Also, I wanted to show Jim & Steph how Sydney was able to rock the “gender-neutral” Nike shirt they gave her.

One thing I LOVE about summer is the fresh fruit. This was a scrumptous dessert I made for myself the other night. Under the berries and peaches is vanilla bean ice cream. Can you say YUM?!

And this, ladies and gentlemen, was the first day that Carson dressed himself, COMPLETELY by himself, from head to toe. I didn’t help choose a single piece, nor did I help him put anything on. Notice the shoes are even on the right feet! He got the sunglasses from the diaper bag for the icing on the independent cake. He came in to show me his success and said “Mom, do I look like a rock star now?!”