Coversation (or lack thereof) at the dinner table.
[chew, chew] “Uh…um….mom….I, uh………………….Mom?”
“What, bud?”
“OK, I’m going to start over.”
“Okay, go ahead.” 🙂


I was subbing today. This is a direct quote from a 3rd grader’s persuasive speech on why you should not smoke:
“…and when you litter your cigarette out the window, you are killing polar bears.”



Here’s the situation.
I went to pick up the kids from my mom’s house after teaching all day. I needed to take a Tylenol for a headache. I had the pills and saw a cup of water sitting next to the sink. Not really thinking, I just grabbed the cup and chased down the pills. I got one gulp down before I spit the rest out.

Me: Ew! What did I just drink? It tasted like salt!
My mom, looking up and thinking as she looks at the cup: Uh-oh.
Me: WHAT?! Is it cleaning solution or something?!
My mom: Uh, no, but earlier Carson wanted to see what salt tasted like, so I let him lick some, and he, of course, didn’t like it, so I gave him that cup to wash his mouth and spit it out.
[long, disgusted pause]
Me: Oh that’s fantastic.