“The sun is out! Hurry! We’re going outside THIS MINUTE before it goes away!”
This is basically what I said yesterday. Good thing, too, because today is like out of a movie set on the day when they were going for “gloomy and wet” backdrop. Seriously, it’s ridiculous. It’s MAY for crying out loud. My California & Arizona friends will probably mock me, but when the sun comes out, we drop everything and RUN for the daylight. This year seems to have been particularly…soggy.
BUT, we do have sunny days and boy howdy, we do NOT take those suckers for granted. Yesterday afternoon we spent every second possible outside. Of course, to honor the occasion, I took about 111 pictures of Sydney’s new 99cent hat.
Swingers: Big bro guarding their “fort.”
Sydney’s saying “Everyone look at my teeth!” (Enlarge for full affect.)
“Um, hello, I said check out my 2 teeth. They are, like, so cool. I can eat cheerios, goldfish crackers and pasta now.”

She’s just starting to figure out that sitting still can get kind of boring when you want to explore things.

But she’s still mostly a happy baby!


I know this umpteenth picture is gratuitous and repetitious, but for some reason, I just love it. Please imagine her flapping her arms and squawking. You know…like a bird.

These rainy days require a mother to get creative. It doesn’t happen every day, but sometimes I’ll cook something up. Long live IKEA drawing paper that comes on a huge roll. Word to the wise, paint tape is made for protecting your molding/window sills from paint. It is not made to be particularly strong when holding things on the wall. It kept falling and we kept putting back up and adding more tape. Thus the Morse Code pattern of the blue tape. Another word to the wise, check to make sure that your markers are washable BEFORE YOU LET YOUR KID DRAW ON THE PAPER TAPED LOOSELY TO YOUR WALL.

Here’s to a sunny weekend!