Many of you know that one of my nicknames for Sydney is Bird (or birdie, birdie-bird, little bird–you get the idea). It just rolled off my tongue one day when she was a newborn, and kind of stuck. It’s turned out to be fairly appropriate, as she’s quite petite, she eats her food in small little bites or slurps, and she can squawk like a parrot. Also? She LOVES her bathtime! In fact, similar to the way her cousin responds, Sydney is instantly in a good mood if we put her in some water. I’ve taken to using the sink most often, because it’s easier on my back and then I can work in the kitchen. It’s not uncommon for me to throw her in there (figure of speech, people) while I’m making dinner or while I’m cleaning up from dinner. She’s just so happy and content, and she’s right within arms reach. I think you can see on her face what a joy this is for her!

There’s a huge grin on her face that’s blocked by her forearm.

Man, I love that girl!