Well, my friends told me it would happen. I just didn’t think it would happen so soon. Sydney’s first Disney Princess paraphernalia has been purchased. We’ve been planning a family bike ride for today and after my preaching post about helmets, of course little bird needed to have one. It was hard to find one small enough! Trent was in charge of shopping, and he opted for the cute pink one….with Belle, Aurora, Jasmine, Cinderella and….?? Ariel? I think. Anyway, as is customary in our household, this milestone (first bike ride, first helmet) was marked with cameras aplenty.


“How do I look?” Daddy making sure it’s fitted properly. We had to use the knit hat we stole from Tanner last year to make her head big enough.

This is my current absolute favorite picture. It is SO SYDNEY! Just happy as a clam in whatever new situation we throw her.

“Hey guys! What’s up?!”

The princess and her escort.

We rode around the neighborhood and over to K. Station to hit up Jamba Juice.No mango madness for this princess. Just an orange straw.

Daddy’s girl.

C-dog chillin’ like a villain.

Gettin’ ready to take off again. Must don the helmet!

When we pulled in back at the house, Sydney was still not fussy, even though her stocking hat and helmet had shifted down so she could barely see! But as you can tell, they were snug as a bug in their little chariot.
And, also, here’s a pic from today and last April. How happy am I not to be pregnant?! Very. Sorry, Steph and Beth. Hang in there! It was worth every stinkin’ minute. I got my princess!