This Christmas, my dear Auntie C gave us some little gifts (even though we technically weren’t supposed to exchange, but she got out on a technicality–she planned and bought before the rule was made– and the fact that she’s the oldest sib!). In the box, which was labeled from Santa, I found things that only someone who reads my blog religiously would know about. For instance, there was a book about how to decorate children’s birthday cakes. There was also 2 new bottles of Magic Shell, and the kids each got their own Christmas hot chocolate mugs (since we only have 2), complete with a stash of hot cocoa and lots of marshmallows. Hmmmm…Santa reads my blog! It was a fun surprise and treat.

We were all pretty impressed and amused. Trent said I need to start mentioning my desire and need for some more expensive things, like a minivan! And although I don’t plan to cash in on my family reader’s generosity, it did give me an idea!

This is really only for anyone who reads in Oregon/Washington, but I am in big need of a new dresser. Actually, just a dresser. I look on craig’s list regularly, but they are either too small, too old and ugly or too expensive. Does it sound contradictory to say now that I’m not too picky? 🙂 Anyway, I thought I would just throw that out there in case anyone reading has or knows of anyone ELSE who has a dresser they are willing to part with for little or no money. I have a dresser with 4 drawers but only 2 work and it’s quite frustrating. So, who knows? Maybe Santa works year round. 😉