I know it’s getting dull to post about this snowstorm. I mean, the people who live here already know how crazy it is and the people who don’t live here either cannot understand without experiencing it personally or they think we are wimps because this much snow is old news. And yet–I can’t help it! It’s been the #1 topic of conversation and affecting all of our Christmas plans. This is day 9 of on-again-off-again snow and/or ice. We are getting ready to go be snowed in at my in-laws, then hopefully hitch a ride to my parents, so this will be my official Christmas post. Merry Christmas, friends and family!
Here’s a video I took this morning.
Here’s a couple pics of the boys deciding to play again a week after my first snow pictures. This pic is blurry, but I can see Trent’s expression, and it’s fun to me. They wrestle. They like it.

Our little tree outside is NOT catching a break.

Measuring yesterday–13ish inches.

I love this tree we can see out our front window. Unfortunately, the house below it is a total mess–not really taken care of and always junky in the front yard. Boo. So I edited for you.

One of our housebound countdown activities was fondue. Fun!

And here’s your daily pic of Sydney on her blanket on the floor, which is seems is where most of her pictures are taken. This was yesterday right before we ventured out to take a bus ride! The snow was so deep we coudn’t have even gotten out of our driveway if we wanted to. So we bundled up and took a ride to the mall. The streets were just gorgeous and it was SO nice to GET OUT! The kids were troopers! Sydney didn’t fuss the entire time–even when we waited in the snow for the bus!

Love to everyone! Have a wonderful Christmas. Happy Birthday Jesus!