OK, after that blissful snow post, I’m done with the white stuff. Bring me back my safe, ice-free roads so I can get the heck OUT OF MY HOUSE! What’s funny is, I’m actually quite a home-body, but as my mother pointed out, as soon as you tell me I shouldn’t leave the house, that’s all I want to do. Plus, I have so MUCH to do–out of the house and in the house, which I can’t do, because I can’t drive safely (and don’t want to risk it with the kids in the car) and the little people inside the house are forbiding me to do anything other than indulge their every needy whim. Yesterday was really bad because I thought, silly me, that I would be productive on this snow-bound day. As just mentioned, the children had other plans, as they traded off the “needy, sleepless, cranky and inexplicably fussy” baton back and forth to each other all day, and I ended up being exceptionally frustrated that I wasn’t getting anything done. So, today: change of plans! DON’T EXPECT TO GET ANYTHING DONE. I mean at ALL. Not even a Christmas card addressed. The attitude change has worked wonders for me, and here I am at 12:30 in my PJ’s and I’m working on a blog post! Pleasant surprise!
Here’s some pictures from 2 nights ago when we did handprints on canvas for our Countdown activity. There are no pics of Carson doing his prints, because it took both adults to monitor the situation so we didn’t have red handprints all over the kitchen.

“You guys are crazy, but WHATEVER.” (Look at those eyebrows! ha!)

Also, funny story for last night. Our activity was for Carson and Mommy to wrap Daddy’s gift. I figured we’d wrap some PJ’s that we always exchange on Christmas Eve, so I if Carson spilled the beans it wouldn’t be a big deal. He (Carson) was excited and while I was washing dishes at the sink, he started asking Trent who was at the table: “Dad! What do you want for Christmas?!” Trent says, “Oh, I don’t know, maybe some shoes or some clothes…” Carson, without missing a beat, says–slightly confused–“But we already got you some new shoes. The other day.” (I’m at the sink rolling my eyes, slighty exasperated, but not able to stifle a smile.) “Yeah, we just got some at…what store was that, Mom? Oh yeah. Nike. We already got you some new shoes at Nike.” Trent just started cracking up. So, lesson learned. Don’t take a 3 year old Christmas shopping with you. And if you do, don’t tell him who the gifts are for. He WILL remember. Trent, try to act surprised on Christmas morning!