We’ve had a few funky days on our Christmas countdown. Thursday Trent worked late, so we didn’t do a big fanfare as usual. I just played some of Carson’s board games with him as an activity. Then on Friday, Carson got to go to Aunt Michelle’s work party with Michelle, Mimi, Sydney and Tara (I think?), where he got to bowl, have pizza and play free video games. That was not technically a countdown activity, but quite fun and I’ll post pics when I get them from Michelle. THEN on Saturday he got to go to the light parade in Salem with Daddy and Mimi and Bapa Phil. Whew! Lots of fun, just not that many pictures.
However, while he was bowling and having fun on Fri/Sat, Trent and I got to sneak away with our friends Seth and Christi. We just went for about 24 hours to a cabin that belongs to a friend of theirs about 45 minutes away. It was so fun to have an entire afternoon and evening to just relax, hang out, eat, play games, watch movies…so fun! This is blurry, but it is a pic of the view out the living room window where we stayed. It was along the North Fork of the Santiam river for those of you who would know what I’m talking about. We borrowed Rock Band and played it a lot. 🙂 Look at the concentration on our faces!

Switching drummers.
Here’s some pics of Sydney, who got ahold of the instructions for Chutes and Ladders while Carson and I were playing. She helped us follow the rules.