Oh great. Di has issued a challenge of posting our daily Christmas countdown activities. I make NO PROMISES! But I will try. 🙂 Now you all have to make comments.
First, I have to record some new Carsonisms before I forget. I remember before I had a talking child, and people would tell me the things their children said at a young age. My head would nod and I would giggle appropriately, but inside I was thinking “Yeah, sure your kid said that. Give me a break.” But I’m telling you…I’m living it now. These things really came out of his little mouth.
Tonight in the bathtub, he did something and I absentmindedly said:
Me: Good job, Carson! You are so smart.
Carson: Actually, Mom, I’m a jean-luss.
Me: What?
C: I’m a jean-luss.
Me with a smirk: Do you mean a “genius”?
C: Yep! I’m always a “jean-luss”!
Hmm…must have heard that one from one of his grandmas.
In the car the other day, Carson was talking, partly to himself, partly to me, partly just to hear the hum of his own voice….about something he wants for Christmas. I couldn’t understand what it was he said, so instead I said:
Me: That sounds fun. Where did you see that?
C: On the Christmas internet.
Me: The what?
C: The Christmas internet!
This morning I made Carson sit still on the couch so I could cut his toenails. He does not like this activity. I have NEVER cut him, but he thinks I’m going to. I think it just feels strange to him. We were just getting started and I had to clip a toe/hangnail. Carson pulls his foot away and looks at me with dagger-eyes.
Carson: MOM. I have to tell you Every. Time. [long dramatic pause] BE! CAREFUL!
Now, onto the Countdown. Tonight was wrapping the little presents for his 3 buddies and making gift tags. Coloring the tags lasted about 10 seconds. Crayons are OLD NEWS, people. Please. Why play with something he’s had access to for 2 years when there are SCISSORS and TAPE, normally the forbidden fruit, within reach? Infinitely more fun.