Oh yes. Big day in our household. Carson went to the dentist for the first time! Our friend Beth (Wow, Beth! 2 shout-outs in 2 weeks!) recommended a pediatric dentist in town, and I am so thrilled. I’ve read that little kiddos should go to the dentist even before age 3, but I just couldn’t envision it going well. But the word on the street was that “Dr. Jeff” and his staff were up to the challenge. True story! They were fabulous. AND, they let me come in with my huge stroller and camera like a dorky mom.
Here is the big boy getting ready. Our dental hygienist was Heidi, and she was obviously a pro at working with 3 year olds. She walked through every single step and instrument with Carson, with such excitement you would have thought he was sitting in a spaceship. (I would like to point out that his shirt does not have a big stain on it. That is a reflection from the mirror next to his lap.)
Miss Syd waited patiently in her stroller, wondering why she wasn’t getting any attention for once.

Here Heidi is showing Carson the water-squirty thing and letting him shoot water out toward the window.

Shooting water in his mouth was not as fun, but he went with it.

I could not believe how cooperative he was! I was seriously SO proud of him. It was clear he was not comfortable with something so very new and strange, but he didn’t fight it or cry or complain.

After the cleaning, Dr. Jeff came in to count the teeth and do a short exam.

He talked TO Carson a lot, which is always a hit with preschoolers.

Here is the big boy with such clean sparklers! He did so well that he got a new toothbrush and TWO prizes from the prize basket. I am so thrilled to have a dental home for our fam that specializes in kids! (It’s worth the drive ALL the way across town.) Hopefully C-dog will associate the dentist with being fun, not with torture!