OK, obviously my recipe post bored you all, judging by the ONE comment. (Yes, I tend to judge my posts by how many comments I get.) So, here’s one that should please you more. Here are some very recent pics of my sweet Syd. She is growing so fast, and I fall more in love with her every day! She’s definitely past the “newborn” phase, which is good and bad. She’s not as mellow as she was at first–she definitely cries and fusses more. But she’s also filling out a little, getting cuter, getting more of a personality, and last night she slept for 9 hours! (She’s only done this 3x in her life–not in a row. Of course around 6 am I wake up from a dead sleep and run in to check that she’s breathing. I know! I thought I wouldn’t do it with the second child, but I do. Not quite as much, but I still do it.)
Also, I know I should save it to post on November 1, but I just can’t resist. Here’s some pics of her Halloween costume. We got it for 60% off, and Carson’s is borrowed, so his is free. I decided to be a silly mommy and get it. It was the smallest size they had: 0-6 months.
Our little Pea Pod.

Here’s some more pictures from yesterday. It was the first day in a long time that Carson went to play with Mimi and Tara, so Sydney and I were able to have some good quality time alone. She really loves this bouncy seat, hand-me-down from C-dog. The little arch with hanging toys was off for this picture, but just 2 days ago, after much staring and determination, she finally coordinated her hands enough to reach out and grab the leg of a little hanging elephant. She was so pleased with herself, but then she couldn’t figure out how to let go, so she was just gripping it for about 10 minutes. I’ll try to get that on camera soon.

I love this relaxed pose. I want to raise an independent, confident girl. So far, she looks like she’s got a good start. And a sweet tummy to boot.

These 2 pictures may look identical to you, but there is one small nuance a mother notices. In this one, below, she’s sporting the pouty lower lip, a new favorite of hers. I love it!