We had a lovely little party for C-dogg yesterday on my parents’ beautiful deck. It was a bit warm, but not bad. You know, there are days when you realize how much you are loved, and it is so humbling. But on the days when I see how loved my children are? It just makes me weak with gratitude. I have no other option but to soak it in and thank the Lord for placing all these wonderful people in our lives.
I was pretty proud of myself for not going party crazy. Last year, with the ELMO theme, it got a little silly. I got Elmo balloons, Elmo streamers, Elmo wall decorations, Elmo plates, Elmo napkins, Elmo wrapping paper, etc. (I really don’t regret the Elmo cupcakes, though. Those rocked! If you can’t tell by how much I mention them.) This year I went all out on the cake, but that was it! I’m enjoying a wise decision.
This was the first gift-giving holiday where Carson was VERY aware and conscious that gifts were coming and they were for him. And let me tell you, our families did NOT disappoint. This little man was showered with love in the form of gifts. Just a disclaimer, I will NOT be able to mention all the gifts, so don’t be offended if yours is not pictured in the blog. Seriously, they were all awesome.
It is hard to explain how hard it is for toddlers to sit back and watch someone else open really fun presents! The boys actually did really well. It didn’t bother us or Carson at all that they were wanting to get in on the fun. They all had a great time playing before and after the gifts.
It has been a challenge to control the post-party high. ONE gift at a time, mister!
This is the gift from us. We didn’t even bother bringing it to the party, but gave it to him last night when things had calmed down a bit. Just for the record, it WAS going to be a play kitchen, but Trent talked me into the smaller toy–a TOOL BENCH. Hmph. Get ready, Sydney, a kitchen is coming your way! That’s a good Christmas gift for a 6 month old, right?