I just took this picture about 10 minutes ago, and finished decorating it about 11 minutes ago. I’m extremely paranoid that something is going to happen to it in the next 36 hours. We’re having a little b-day party for Carson on Sunday, but this afternoon was my only chance to get some alone time to work on this. Good thing, too, because it took me 6 hours, including baking, making all the frostings and decorating. Yeah. Don’t quit your day job, Jen. This competes with the Elmo cupcakes, but I’m not sure it tops them. I mean, those things had fondant eyeballs. Also, to answer one of WoosterWeester’s questions, we didn’t do anything wild for Carson’s b-day, except after dinner we went to Chuck E. Cheese, where we had a coupon for 100 tokens for $10. (Which, if you read my previous post, may now turn into $100 to get a new car CD player.) I didn’t know that Chuck’s games are now all 1 token. When I was growing up, the good ones were like 4 or 5 tokens, so we thought 100 would be great. Turns out it was about 50 too many! But still cheaper than buying their pizza!

Stay tuned for more pics and stories from the par-tay.