You take the good, you take the bad…

…you take ’em both and there you have the facts of life. Ah yes.

Today has been full of both good and bad. I won’t get into all the details (for once) of the bad, but it has to do with frustrations with health insurance and their confusing ways, some of our own mistakes, a lot of money we don’t have but now owe, and some tears on my part. Also, the bad has to do with my precious son who gives me a full-on battle at naptime EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. (And before you ask: yes, I’m sure he and I still need him to have it because once he falls asleep he stays asleep for 2 solid hours or until I have to wake him up and then he goes to bed at the normal time AND if he misses his nap he is extremely cranky and irritable for the rest of the day so saying goodbye to naptime is not an option for me right now thank you very much.) Also, he hit his sister in the head. With a boot. On purpose. I witnessed it.


However, there has been some good today as well. We finally put together our new double stroller (thanks Ron and Leota!), which is a “sit ‘n stand” kind. Sydney’s car seat fits in the front, then there is a little jump seat and platform behind her for Carson, who can “sit or stand,” thus the brand name. Yesterday we went for a walk as a family and today I took both kids on a walk to Wallgreens to buy stamps and stickers. Carson did a great job staying on the stroller (when he gets off it ceases to be a “walk” and becomes a “dawdle”) and I got some exercise. It was a positive experience all around.


Also, Sydney is starting to smile more, but we have to really work for them! But it is quite fun. The lighting and everything in these pictures is horrible, but it was one of those “quick–grab the camera!” diaper changes and I just wanted to try to catch the facial expression. Didn’t have time to worry about photo quality! My caption for this first one is: “Rock on!” Carson told me she is saying, “To infinity…and beyond!”