It is already painfully obvious to me how the old stereotype of firstborn children receiving more attention (especially as babies) has become so prevalent in our society. There’s just no denying it…parents will never be able to give as much undivided time and attention to their other kids as babies as they did to their first. In my own life, twisted as it may be, sometimes love and attention is evident through photos. I have HUNDREDS of photos of Carson from birth through the present. I had a scrapbook almost entirely completed for him BEFORE HE WAS BORN! I know. I’m a dork. And it turned out I didn’t like that method anyway, because some of the pages didn’t fit with any of my pictures. So, Sydney has an empty scrapbook. BUT, all of that to say, I’m making a conscioius effort to take lots of pictures of Sydney as a baby, and take plenty that don’t necessarily have Carson IN them.
Here are some pictures of Sydney’s first real non-sponge bath. The fact that she is over 2 weeks old before she GOT her first bath is another sign that she has a time-consuming sibling around. But at least we got her cleaned up and documented it!
She tends to have her head tilted to the right a lot of the time, so Dr. Trent has asked me to be doing some neck stretches with her at every diaper change. I’m not kidding.

I used the “blur” tool on this one to make it blog-appropriate.