Starting tomorrow, the honeymoon is over and I officially have to begin learning how to be a mommy of 2 kids with a husband who works. Trent’s 2 week baby-break is over and he’s going back to work. He has been such a huge help, so I’m kind of nervous. The biggest issue is when I’m feeding Sydney, Carson turns into a total needy, whiny baby. Also, he is not content unless is in LITERALLY on top of us. Both of us. I’d been warned about this common toddler problem, so we are taking steps to counteract, like we are renting new movies for him from Netflix that he can only watch when Sydney’s eating. We are planning to get him a new toy (or box of old toys?) that he can only play with when I’m feeding her. (Someone suggested a Mr. Potato head.)
Also, as I’ve mentioned many times, I’m nervous about the sleep thing. Already the kids have coordinated their subconscious evil little inner-sleep-clocks to totally sabotage me. For instance, Sydney is awake from 4-5:45 am, Carson wakes up at 6:05. Or, the day I thought for SURE I would get a nap, Carson decided to have a total and complete naptime meltdown, and after an hour of getting him to go down, Sydney woke up hungry.
However, this weekend I got sick and it put things into perspective. I had a bad cold and then on Saturday night I had a high fever, chills, shakes and body aches. I could barely hold Sydney. It was miserable! It reminded me that things can always get worse! I may be tired, but at least I’m usually healthy.
I’ll probably have some fun stories to share about my new life adventure, but who knows if I’ll have time to sit down and blog about them!?! Here’s some pictures of Sydney this weekend in a cute outfit borrowed from Abby.