Do any of you have Facebook? They have this thing called the mini-feed that summarizes any activity over the last few days. I have not taken any pictures, but here is our mini-feed at the Tompkins house:

1.Jen got her hair cut short. Oh yes. Too late to go back now. Pictures to come.
2.Carson got to go to the Aviation Museum with Gma Tompkins. (It’s the one in McMinville that has the Spruce Goose.) He liked it a lot.
3.Jen got sick with a stomach bug. So many things about this pregnancy are not new, because I experienced them a few years ago. However, being queasy and nauseous AND having a 4/5 pound human doing somersaults in your stomach while trying not to vomit was a new (and not favorable, I might add) sensation.
4. Sydney’s room got painted. Trent and I were going to prime it on Wednesday night, which happened to be when I was sickest, so sweet husband pretty much did the whole thing. Then Gma Jo came over on Thursday to paint with me. I was better, but not all the way better (plus, you know, huge, tired and with a lousy center of gravity) so Jo did most of the work. Holla to mom and hubby for taking the bulk of that job. Also, pictures of this will be delayed until we can decorate a little bit more. Let’s just say, the PINK we thought was “light” pink, turns out to be burn-your-retinaPepto-pink. We need to tone it down with some furniture, curtains and wall-hangings.

I’ll try to get some real pictures up soon for those who don’t look at the blog without them. Then again, those people probably didn’t even get this far. Trent? Howie?