I have to take a moment to announce an exciting new change in the household–the crib is dissasembled and the big boy bed has taken it’s place! Carson has been told about this coming change for many days, and has seemed excited about it. We even checked out some big beds that some of his friends have recently aquired. Here is the Big Boy with his new bed and new and still wrinkled bedding.

Here I’m pretty sure he is explaining the news to anyone within earshot.

I will spare you the details of the decision/discussion on toddler bed vs. twin bed, as well as the victory of finding a total steal on the bed and a dresser ($150 for both!), and especially the insane headache that was putting together the bed and the dresser, which reminded me why it was such a great deal. I will tell you that the first night in the bed was NOT good. It took over 3 hours for Carson to fall asleep from the time we started our nightly bedtime ritual. (He kept crying: “I want my crib!” and ended up sleeping on the crib mattress on the floor NEXT to the big bed.) Last night was night #2 and it went a little better (45 minutes), and he slept IN the big bed. We’re hoping this is a trend that continues. Thank you all for your genuine or feigned interest in the minutiae of our lives. Now…back to my schoolwork.