So, I know all three of you regular readers really need to know my blogging schedule, so I wanted you to be aware that I’m starting an on-line course today, and I’m anticipating it causing less than 100% involvement in several other areas of maintenance in my life. Blogging, showering, sleeping, cooking and general correspondence will be some of the first to go. God, in His providence, graced me with NO sub job today, even though I was dressed and ready to go–and Grandma T has C-dog! This is actually a huge blessing, because my to-do list is a mile long (including a partially made Big Boy Bed sitting in the next room–more on that soon) and I just checked out my new online course. Excuse my french for those of you who are sensitive, but holy crap! It is going to be intense. It is a 3 unit graduate course crammed into 3 weeks. Four different papers are due, as well as 8 postings a week on at least 4 separate days. I know most of you who have done this before am thinking what a wimp I am, but even when I went to get my masters I was able to drop everything else in my life (pre-kiddo), stop working and spread these 3 unit classes out for 15 weeks! So, needless to say, I’m a little nervous. I need this class to keep my license.
So, to hold you over for a few days, here are some random Carson shots. Is Carson:
a)making another awkward attempt to smile for the camera?
b) pooping
c)mimicking Daddy’s dance moves or
d)pretending he’s a “yion”
(answer is d)
Making himself at home, taking pics with my defunct camera.
What to do first thing in the morning? Crawl into the cupboard and empty it out. What else?