Okay! I’m ready, everyone! I’m ready to discuss in detail the finale of LOST season three. You know, the one that aired over 7 months ago? SO. Who do you think was in the casket? How did Walt get there? Who is on the freighter boat and what do they want? Do Jack and Kate really get off the island and who did she mean when she said “he’ll wonder where I am”? Where have Rose and Bernard been all season? Why didn’t Charlie close the door from the other side? When did you realize it was a flash-forward and not a flash-back?

Let me explain. It’s not an exciting story, but it’s my blog, so I write and you decide whether to read or not. Trent and I have been hooked on the show LOST since it debuted in September of 2004. In fact, my “delivery room” gift when I was in labor with Carson (as recommended by our labor/delivery class teacher) was the first season of LOST on DVD. The much-anticipated second season premiere took place while I was having my epidural, but don’t you worry! We watched a recorded copy IN THE HOSPITAL the day after Carson was born.

But last year, during Season Three, it moved to a 10pm timeslot, and we are boring and go to bed at 10. Also, we are not modern and don’t have a DVR or Tivo, so it was up to old fashioned VCR work, and we kept forgetting to do that week after week. About a month or so into the season, we decided to give up. We hatched (ha-ha) a plan that after the season came out on DVD, we would buy it and get away for a day or two and have a Lost-athon, just in time for season 4 which starts this month.
And we did! We watched 17 of the 23 episodes while in Florence last weekend (it helped that we were sans toddler for about 30 hours). Then we watched the rest of the eps this week, finishing with the two-part finale during Carson’s nap time today. I’m dying to talk about it and dish about conspiracy theories with other LOST fans, but you all are probably quite done with that. But I have been totally emmersed in this fantasy world for about a week, so you may see another blog post about it.