Well, not exactly, but at least this little family can begin to connect with the rest of the world again. This afternoon a perfectly wonderful 45 year old geek (and I mean that with all respect and admiration) came to fix our “power” problem and we are back up and running. Thank you, all 4 of my readers, for your inquiries and pestering. My favorite was the email that said “If you don’t start blogging soon I’m going to lose my mind.”
Here’s an update on our last few weeks. We love Christmas–love it! We are part of the rare and wonderful group of people who actually like hanging out with our families, so we look forward to 2-3 long days of togetherness. This year Christmas Eve was with my side of the family and Christmas Day with Trent’s side. As there have been some new additions and exciting things happening on my side of the family, Christmas Eve day was different, but great.

We spent the morning and early afternoon at my folk’s house–where we always look forward to relaxing and the fireplace!

The big gift from Gma and Gpa Bunch was what I call a sandbox table, something I’ve wanted to get for Carson for a long time. He LOVES to pour and dig, and I have my fingers crossed that this will provide hours of self-entertainment! We’re not exactly sure where it’s going to go during these winter months, but we’re planning to make use of it as soon as we get it filled. It was stored outside in the truck to keep up the mystery.

Here he’s checking out the specs.