And by that, I mean that we have been sans computer for about 2 days. It’s amazing how accustomed we have become to getting online several times a day, and how much we miss it! The other day, Trent was working online, while I was burning a CD, and Carson flipped the switch on the powercord. Everything turned off, and after “someone” went into a time-out, all the electric devices turned back on…except the computer itself. Just trust me…I know it defies logic, but we tried all kinds of trouble-shooting, and Trent spent an hour online with Dell. The GOOD news is they are going to send someone to our house to replace something about the power source inside the computer, and it’s covered under our warranty! The bad news is that’s not happening for several more days. So, this post will have to hold you over for a while. 🙂

Here are some pics of when Carson met Jack! He was quite enamored. In fact, when we told Carson it was time to go bye-bye, he tightened his grip on his little cousin and said “NO!” We are headed up to see Jack in about 30 minutes, and we can’t wait!

Merry Christmas Everyone!