The wait was long for us, and I know it was longer for Becky and Mike, but finally their healthy, beautiful son was in their arms and not in her tummy. His full name is John Hayes, but they decided he will be called Jack, so Baby Jack it is. There will be many blog posts (Eric and Sarah already beat me to it!) of his birthday, and I think we all know that’s just the beginning. For about 10 minutes when the family first crowded into the room, this kid had more flash bulbs on him than Britney Spears. He is absolutely GORGEOUS! Oh, and also…10 lbs 5 oz! HELLO!?!? Good call on the c-section, doc. 20.5 inches long, dark hair and long, dark eye-lashes.Becky is such a trooper! And gracious…she let all of us come in at the same time to meet him and hug and cry with her. I remember the feeling when my best friends started having babies. It was unreal. Then when other best friends had babies that I’m around all the time and they feel like my real nephews. But nothing could prepare me for the overwhelming emotion of seeing my little brother become a father! It was totally amazing. I must have annoyed people saying over and over: Mike is a Dad! That boy is Mike’s! I just grin thinking about what a wonderful daddy he is going to be, and his glowing joy is just contagious!
Three Bunch generations! Way to carry on the family name, Jack.