This morning as I was rushing around getting ready to leave for Bible study, I realized Carson had been silent for too long. I was all done getting myself ready, and just needed to get him dressed, then we were out the door. Except that he had scooped a generous handful of “daddy’s hair” (aka: hair pomade) onto his scalp, and it was a big, greasy mess. My gut reaction was “grrrr!” and wanting to give him a bath to clean it up, but there was no time. So, I tussled it up and grabbed the camera. I’m sorry all these pics of C-dog are so blurry, but he will NOT back away from the camera! What you can’t see is this is the only shot of about 4 where he is NOT trying to grab the lense.

Also, yesterday at Gma Tompkins’ house, he got to help make and decorate sugar cookies! This is him making the agonizing decision after dinner of which one he wants to share. He stared at these four cookies for a good 2 minutes before deciding…and coughing on all of them, which is a great diet technique for the adults. “Ooooookay. Not really craving those cookies anymore.”