I’ve been slacking off on taking pictures, which is kind of my bread and butter for this blog. So, I’ll try to fill you in on some things Carson has been saying lately. I find that adults trying mimic their toddler’s language in person is somewhat grating. I hope that just typing it out isn’t as annoying to you. If so, you might want to stop reading now.

“I want my Beebers ______________.” Coming from a family of OSU fans, he already has lots of Beaver goodies. The most common things he asks for are his Beeber pants or Beeber plate.

“I don’t yike that!” This was originally started by Trent when they wrestled, to let Carson know when some action (or a particular place on the body) was off-limits. Well, instead of being the “safe” word in the midst of rough-housing, C just seems to holler it out quite a bit. I think he figures it will give him the edge over his daddy, since technically, Daddy is supposed to stop whatever he’s doing if Carson says that, then Carson can continue his slick wrestling moves.

“I watch Tipperd.” This is in the morning before we turn on Clifford.

“Play bitball!” That’s football.

“I need MY poon.” (spoon)

“It’s too youd!” When he accidentally turns up his little stereo in his room.

There’s more, but I can’t think of them right now. It’s so fun to hear his language just take off. More to come, I’m sure!